Destiny (The Chosen One Trilogy: book 3)

In the final installment of The Chosen One Trilogy, Hayden’s fight to defeat the evil Braw comes to a climax. Will Hayden’s pack and the allies they’ve assembled be victorious, or will the nightmare that has haunted Jasper for months come true, ending their long-fought battle for peace in Quelondain? Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to this romantic fantasy.


If someone had told me I would someday find myself in a fight to save a world I didn’t know existed, I would have laughed.  The only explanation for this person’s assertion would have been a) some bad, or good, drugs, or b) said person had just escaped a mental hospital and forgotten to take aforementioned drugs.
And yet, here I found myself, surrounded by beings I couldn’t have imagined had I tried.  I looked straight ahead at the human keep in front of me.  I shivered, partly with excitement, partially with fear.  I took a deep breath and was comforted by the presence of my pack standing with me.
I heard a low growl and glanced at the tiger standing beside me.  Jasper’s fur was standing on end, his tail twitching.  His form blurred as he shifted, rematerializing as a human.  He looked back to Matthew and Luke who were standing just behind us.  The bluebird landed on his shoulder and chirped.  He turned to me.
“Ready?”  Jasper’s face was grim.  He put his hand on my knee.
I nodded.  “Are they here?”  I couldn’t tear my gaze away from the walls that surrounded the keep of Paradin.
“They are.”
Dodge stretched his wings.  It’s about time.
I took a deep breath and patted his neck then pulled my swords out of the scabbards on my back.
No, if you or anyone else had told me I would one day be leading an army from the back of a bay Pegasus, I would have laughed.  But right now, I wasn’t laughing.  I gazed down into Jasper’s sky blue eyes.
“Let’s do this.”  I turned back toward the human fortress.  “It ends here.”

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