Journey (The Chosen One Trilogy: book 2)

Hayden and Jasper’s quest continues as Dodge searches for the stone that will grant him his wings. An encounter with dragons along the way culminates in Hayden’s abduction by the humans. As she learns of their plans for her, she becomes more determined to preserve life as she knows it in Quelondain, but to do that, an alliance must be formed between the Majs and the Namaels. On their journey to make the deal between the two groups, they’re advised to wait and retreat to Hayden’s world. This warning throws into question everything she believes about her role in her adopted world. Is it possible the prophecy was wrong? Will Hayden and Jasper heed the warning and return to her world, or will they continue down the dangerous path that will ultimately lead to an ill-timed battle? Journey, the second book in the Chose One Trilogy, will take you deeper into the unique world and relationships of Quelondain.


“Nothing is as it seems.”
It's such a simple statement and yet it holds all sorts of meaning for me. If nothing is as it seems, then what exactly is real? When Damian gave me the warning, what did he mean by it? He must've had something in mind at the time. Could it be he is letting me know that all of this really IS a dream after all? I think of Jasper, Dodge, and everything I've been through and conclude, no, this is definitely NOT a dream. So, now what?
It’s been almost two years since I first crossed over to the world of Quelondain and found out I was born here. I still think the prophecy might be wrong; that I’m not supposed to be the Chosen One. But, really, who am I to argue?
Maybe that’s what Damian is talking about. If nothing is as it seems, could it be that, even though everyone thinks I’m supposed to be the one who saves or destroys them all, I’m not? Every sign indicates that I am: I am the only half-breed being in this world (my father was human and my mother was a Wedelve); I can use sorcery and heal; and I can see the future in my dreams.
The prophecy is probably right.
Was it a situation he meant to warn me about?  Maybe it was a person or group of people.
No. It has to be a situation. Everyone close to me, dear to me, has proved loyal beyond question. All of them have demonstrated their commitment more than once by risking their lives to save mine. Everyone in our pack is who they seem to be. I’m sure of it.

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